Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Deca Homes Cebu - Can I Buy A House With No Down Payment?

As of this writing (March 27, 2012), Deca Homes Cebu is offering no down payment for house and lot units that are “Ready for occupancy” (RFO).  You only need Php 5,000 for the reservation fee. 

You can own a house at Deca Homes Cebu for as low as Php 7,898 per month. 

I say it again, NO DOWN PAYMENT!  
Php 5,000 for reservation fee and only Php 7,898 monthly amortization.

What is ready for occupancy?   

Ready for occupancy (RFO) means that the construction of the house is already completed and you can move in immediately into the house as soon as the necessary documents and requirements are already set in place. 

I personally visited Deca Homes Mactan-5 and I was given a chance to actually view their model houses and check the exterior and interior part.  I would recommend that you should also visit Deca Homes so you will see for yourself the beauty of this residential subdivision and its houses.

I can say that the quality and design of the property is just right for the price. Deca homes property is a good investment for start -up couple and middle class income family. 

It is also suitable for people who are renting because the price is very affordable. Instead of renting 10,000 pesos per month, why don’t buy their own house for a cheaper monthly payment (only P7,898).

I took some pictures during my visit and here they are:

Front and back side of the model unit         

Interior of fully furnished (model unit) 

Please take note that the above pictures are taken from a fully furnished model unit. The actual house is a bare unit. It means furniture and interior design is excluded but completely painted (both interior and exterior) with ready toilet and bath.

I did a 5 minutes video for Deca Homes where I explained "Why Buying Is A Better Option Than Renting". Please watch this video and I would appreciate if you can leave some comments below.

If you have questions, please contact us:

Email: cebuhomefinder@gmail.com
Tel:(032) 266-5554
Mobile: +639067441438

Thank you for visiting this page and I hope I have answered your question concerning down payment at Deca Homes Cebu.


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